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DRUID-Asia Inaugural Conference on


Asian innovation 
   Catching up - Moving ahead

Singapore, February 23 - 24 (25)

Co-organized by DRUID,

NUS - The National University of Singapore Business School, and

SMU - Singapore Management University, Lee Kong Chian School of Business.




Conference highlights  


Deside on which IPR regimes are most helpful for growth and prosperity? You can have your say in the plenary debate where famed debaters will lay out the positions. You will, together with the rest of the conference, be asked to oppose or support the motion: "Let it be resolved that this conference believes that tight international IPR regimes are crucially harmful to emerging export-led economies"

Engage with the current research: 50 peer reviewed papers - all with previous unpublished research - will be selected for presentation in targeted chaired sessions. Two appointed discussants will share their assessment and initiate the debate of each paper.


Enjoy top-end novel keynotes  including David M. REEB's seminal: "Family firms: diversification and leverage" and Swan Gin BEH's pivotal:"Developing an innovation-driven economy".


Reflect on the particular aspects of modern Asian management, business conduct or innovation systems and how they differ from their Western counterparts. These crucial issues will dealt with in a plenary debate where your opinion will be included. The motion to be voted on before and after the debate is this: "Let it be resolved that this conference believes that there is no unique Asian system of innovation (or management or business)"


Network and make new friends from all parts of the globe during the breaks 

and finally 
Succumb to the grand Conference Dinner 



Distinguished plenary presenters include, among others,

BEH Swan Gin (Singapore Economic Development Board)
Gerry GEORGE (SMU, Lee Kong Chian School of Business)
HANG Chang Chieh (NUS, Faculty of Engineering)
Margaret KYLE (MINES ParisTech)
Keun LEE (Seoul National University)
Kwanghui LIM (Melbourne Business School)
PNG Paak Liang, Ivan (NUS Business School)
David M. REEB (NUS Business School)
Christopher L. TUCCI (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Wong Poh Kam (NUS Business School)
Henry Wai-chung Yeung (NUS Geography)



I think it would be fair to say that increasingly among the elite schools globally DRUID is regarded as the equivalent of the Academy of Management in the European context and many US and Asia based scholars, if they pick a European conference to attend, it is DRUID.  I expect that in addition to the general benefit through this conference there are also likely significant benefits in terms of hiring doctoral student placement, attracting doctoral students and providing exposure to DRUID students and faculty to some of the best scholars in the world.
Gautam Ahuja, University of Michigan

The DRUID conferences have now become the preeminent international venue for presenting leading research on innovation and industrial dynamics.  In serving this purpose, DRUID also has come to serve as a critical facilitator in the kinds of intellectual exchanges, discussions and debates that advance knowledge and thinking in this terribly important research domain. 
Wes Cohen, Duke University

DRUID has become a terribly important catalyst for research efforts in a broad range of areas, including studies of innovation, entrepreneurship, management, industry dynamics, and economic geography.  DRUID plays this role most prominently with respect to its major annual conference, but also via its doctoral student and junior faculty development workshops. 
Daniel A. Levinthal, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

I am a big DRUID fan!! DRUID conferences have long served as a very important venue for academic exchanges on topics at the leading edge of innovation research.
Eric von Hippel, MIT

New thinking and understanding is very much needed on the behavior of firms and industries in today's rapidly changing economy, and the challenges for public policy. The meetings of DRUID have been and will continue to be one of the most supportive loci for such new thinking.
Richard Nelson, Columbia University

From its inception 20 years ago, DRUID has grown to be the go-to conference for innovation and entrepreneurship scholars from a range of disciplines, especially from my field of urbanism and economic geography. DRUID has impact, it has helped to develop and shape an important field not just for academia but for creating more innovative economies and more prosperous societies.
Richard Florida, University of Toronto and NYU

DRUID usefully brings together scholars from economics, geography, management, and sociology, who have common research interests but who typically would not interact with one another and who might not even be aware of one another’s research. In that sense, I believe that DRUID has played an important role in advancing research on these topics by creating connections across related disciplines.
Olav Sorenson, Yale University

DRUID has been a vital gathering place for the study of industrial dynamics, innovation, and management since its inception 20 years ago. Some of the best scholars in these fields have attended and debated at DRUID meetings, resulting in a wonderful intellectual community that is worthy of continued support. 
Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley

The kinds of presentations one hears at DRUID are unique on the international stage, with its blend of economists, industrial economists, management studies professors, and strategy people. It is a great place to meet people interested in questions of organizational learning and process, and I particularly find attention to mechanisms refreshing in a field that otherwise spends a lot of time on descriptive results.
Howard E. Aldrich, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

In an era of sound bites, bubbles and fashionable trends in academia as in the rest of the world, DRUID stands out in its thoughtful, contemplative, yet relevant approach to some of the most urgent topics, issues and fields of our time. It has become the gold standard for bringing together a broad spectrum of scholars, spanning a number of diverse academic backgrounds for meaningful and thoughtful conversations.
David Audretsch, Indiana University

DRUID has been the most successful European research organization in business and management or the past two decades. It has acted not only as a source of valuable research, but even more important as forum for scholars of business and social sciences from across the globe--both junior researchers and established leaders in their fields. Most important, DRUID has done a remarkable job of encouraging the interchange of ideas across different fields through a focus on important current phenomenon.
Robert Grant, Bocconi University

DRUID is recognized internationally as one of the premier conferences on innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting leading researchers and experts in these fields year after year.
Simon C. Parker, Ivey Business School at Western University

DRUID has become a leading international community and conference in the area of innovation management and strategy. DRUID is never boring, which cannot be said of most academic conferences.
Aija Leiponen, Cornell University

DRUID has become an exceptionally valuable well-regarded node in the global network of scholars concerned with innovation, technical change, and related issues of policy and organization. It has been a pleasure to participate as the conferences advanced in every dimension, including intellectual stimulation, research interactions, organization, and opportunities for interaction with scholars from around the world. 
Sidney G. Winter, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania