Three DRUID Professional Development Workshops (PDWs)

June 16 at 9 am - 12 pm

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark - Just before DRUID2014



 PDW chairs: Michael S. Dahl and Thomas Ronde



If you wish to attend

one of the three novel PDWs listed below, just logon to the DRUID website and register your selected PDW ("My Registrations" on the box at the left hand side after logon)


PDW1: Global Connectivity as the Basis for Local Innovation

Organisers: T.J. Hannigan (Temple University), Marcelo Cano-Kollmann (Temple University), and Ram Mudambi (Temple University)

Speakers: Marco Giarratana (Bocconi University), Mark Lorenzen (Copenhagen Business School), Francesco Lissoni (GREThA-Université Bordeaux), Snehal Awate (Indian School of Business), Kristin Brandl (Copenhagen Business School), Izzet Darendeli (Temple University), Ahreum Lee (Temple University), and Alessandra Perri (Ca' Foscari University of Venice),

The increasing dispersion of knowledge sources around the world has brought about a sea change in how multinationals organize their R&D activities. The fine slicing of global value chains and emergence of centers of excellence demand that firms pay close attention to the properties of knowledge clusters. To this end, the social networks of collaboration, such as organizational pipelines and individual personal relationships, are crucial factors in the process of unlocking local knowledge for global innovation. The intersection of international business, economic geography, and innovation is a rich, under-explored area of inquiry that we propose to elevate with this proposed panel. We bring to bear scholars from all constituent theoretical areas to present a panel and discussion that will draw attention to the opportunities and challenges that flow from this fascinating research topic.



PDW2: Autonomy, Creativity and Innovation: Avenues for Future Research

Organizers: Anne Ter Wal (Imperial College Business School), and Paola Criscuolo (Imperial College Business School)

Speakers: Babis Mainemelis (Alba Graduate Business School, University of Porto & London Business School), Claudio Panico (Bocconi University), and Lee Davis (Copenhagen Business School)

Individual initiative plays a key role in creative processes and organizations can motivate their employees by offering them autonomy. However, organizations differ greatly in the degree of autonomy they grant to their employees to pursue their initiative. Some organizations have adopted free-time models where their staff can spend a share of their time on their own informal projects. Other organizations reap the benefits of innovations that their staff developed in their leisure time. In settings where granted autonomy is limited, individuals may wilfully seek autonomy by taking their work underground in the form of bootlegging projects. This PDW aims to take stock of current research around autonomy, creativity and innovation, and through discussion, define avenues for future research.



PDW3: Living on the Edge: Individual Perspectives on Open Innovation

Organizers: Marcel Bogers (University of Southern Denmark), Ana Luiza de Araújo Burcharth (Aarhus University)

Speakers: Russel Coff (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Helle Alsted Søndergaard (Aarhus University), Alex Pedrosa (University of Southern Denmark), and Lars Frederiksen (Aarhus University)


This PDW brings together scholars to discuss and develop research ideas related to the individual level of analysis of open innovation. So far open innovation is predominantly studied from the organizational level of analysis. The PDW is designed to both inform and enable interaction among scholars. It combines the insights of panelists with the input of expert facilitators, the moderator and the audience. The aim of the workshop is to advance the state-of-the-art in this domain by encouraging participants to propose, discuss and reflect on possible theoretical and empirical directions for future innovation studies anchored in individuals. It is individuals who are the ones actually involved in knowledge creation, acquisition and exploitation across increasingly dynamic organizational boundaries.