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Paper deadline: February 28, 2014.











 Call for Papers



for the


DRUID Society Conference 2014






CBS, Copenhagen (Denmark)

June 16 at 1 pm - June 18 at 5 pm


E-Mail: DRUID2014@druid.dk

Website: www.druid.dk/DRUID2014



Conference aim and background

 DRUID - an acronym for the Danish Research Unit on Industrial Dynamics - has since 1995 organized what has over the years allegedly become among the world's premier academic conferences on innovation and the related dynamics of technical, structural, institutional and geographical change.

The DRUID Society is now proud to invite senior and junior scholars to participate and contribute with a paper to DRUID2014 - hosted by CBS - Copenhagen Business School. The conference will include a number of distinguished plenary presenters and intends to map theoretical, empirical and methodological advances, contribute with novel insights, clarify and develop intellectual positions and help identify common grounds and lines of division in selected current scientific controversies within the field.

The Plenary Program include Ragshree Agarwal, James E. Bessen, Ernst Fehr, Joachim Henkel, William Lazonick, Toby Stuart, Mary Tripsas, among others. The plenary program is available through the conference website www.druid.dk/druid2014


At DRUID2014 parallel paper tracks containing accepted submissions will be organized around the following broad themes:



A. Entrepreneurship and Growth

B. Food Innovation (flavor of the year- see below)

C. Theory and Empirics of the Firm

D. Projects, Networks, Crowd-Sourcing and Knowledge

E. IPR and New Policy Measures

F. University Governance and Outreach to Private Sector Actors

G. Creativity, Organization and Markets

H. Institutional Change: Drivers and Effects

I. Labor, Employment and Mobility

J. Clusters, Regions and Growth

K. Systems approaches to New Firm Formation, Innovation and Growth

L. Public-Private Interaction

M. Strategy, Organizational Behavior & Innovation

N. Economic Development, Growth and Innovation

O. Scientific Fraud, Plagiarism and other Intellectual Misconduct

P. Eco-Innovations and Entrepreneurship


Furthermore, future DRUID conferences come with a special Flavor. In addition to the extensive customary program, each conference will examine special topics particularly able to capture and combine scientific and social interest.

 In 2014, the DRUID Special Flavor will be on Food Innovation. During the last decade, the food industry has seen notable innovation and entrepreneurship throughout its value chain, including, for example, search for original raw materials, adaption of advanced process technologies, exploration of new cooking methods and development of unique restaurant models. 

 DRUID2014 will feature scientific as well as social activities reflecting Food Innovation, including paper sessions on innovation and entrepreneurship in the food industry, talks by leading chefs, and samples of innovative food and drink. With its New Nordic Cuisine, a burst of new Michelin-starred restaurants, and capturing the World's Best Restaurant as well as Bocuse d'Or awards for several consecutive years, Copenhagen has established itself at the heart of food innovation. In addition, there is a broader movement around the notions of regional and modernist cuisine. The DRUID Society will of course take advantage of its local connections to present conference participants with samples of just how innovative the local food scene can be.



DRUID Professional Development Workshops (PDWs)

Professional development workshops represent a novel opportunity for the all members of the DRUID Society to influence and offer focused sessions. PDWs take place during the morning on June 16, 2014 - just before the start of the DRUID Society Conference. Submission of workshop proposals should focus on a specific subfield of the overall DRUID Society or target a specific group, e.g. PhD students, junior faculty, empirists, theorists, etc. PDWs are a user-driven way of sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise with peers and where new ideas and projects can evolve. All participants and speakers at the PDWs must register for the DRUID Society Conference.

   Your PDW proposal should be sent to pdw14@druid.dk no later than February 28, 2014. The proposal must contain five elements: 1) a three-five page description of the activity planned for the workshop; 2) a tentative program; 3) the maximum number of participants for the workshop (rooms are available for 20 up to 80 participants); 4) length of PDW (short or long), and 5) list of confirmed speakers. Please attach a brief CV of key applicant(s) and speakers. The PDW chairs Michael S. Dahl and Thomas Ronde will select the best proposals for inclusion in the DRUID Program, advertise the workshops to the DRUID community. Applicants will be notified of the decision by March 20. All correspondence and proposals to: pdw14@druid.dk

Paper submission 
Scholars who wish to present their research at the conference must upload a full paper (in PDF) not exceeding 12,000 words (including notes, tables, appendices, list of references, etc.) through the conference website www.druid.dk/DRUID2014 no later than February 28, 2014. Only novel and previously unpublished research is eligible for presentation and the name and affiliation of the author or authors must be removed throughout the paper before submitting it for review. Submission of a paper grants permission to DRUID to include it in the conference material and to place it on the relevant websites. DRUID reserves the right to use available software to control for plagiarism and to take appropriate action in severe cases. Consult Terms and Conditions shown on the bottom the conference website for all details.

 All submissions will be reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers working independently of each other. The reviewers will consider the novelty, academic quality and the paper's relation to the theme of the conference. The decision of paper acceptance will be given before April 20, 2014. No review or comments will be offered to the author or authors to supplement the decision. Papers not accepted for oral presentation at the conference may be accepted for presentation in a poster session. Authors of accepted papers/posters must pay the conference fee before May 1, or their paper/poster will automatically be removed and will NOT be included in the conference program.
Revised versions of accepted papers or posters may be uploaded until June 1, 2014. 

Authors may submit more than one paper but each participant will only be allowed to present one paper during the conference. Co-authored papers may be presented by any of the participating co-authors. We expect submissions to be original scholarship and the conference as a whole to provide an opportunity to take stock of our field and jointly to advance the research frontier.


DRUID Best Paper Awards

Accepted papers exclusively authored or co-authored by doctoral students will be considered for the DRUID Young Scholar Paper Award while all papers accepted for the conference will be considered for the DRUID Best Paper Award.

Registration for the conference 
The conference website: www.druid.dk/DRUID2014 will be open for registration on December 1st, 2013. The site will remain open for payment of the conference fee until June 10. However,authors of accepted papers and posters must pay the fee before May 1 for their paper or poster to be included in the conference program. Generous sponsors have enabled a reduction of the early-bird conference fee - applicable until May 1 - for academic scholars to 3800 DKK (app. 500 Euro or 675 USD) including membership of the DRUID Society. Beside registration the conference fee include the grand conference dinner on June 17, lunch on June 16, 17 and 18, coffee and snacks/fruit during breaks all days. After May 1 the latecomer total fee for academic scholars will increase to 4.500 DKK (app. 600 Euro or 800 USD). Doctoral students can always register with a 50% discount.

Deadline for full paper submission: February 28, 2014 (before midnight at your location)

Decision of paper acceptance: April 15, 2014
Deadline for author registration: May 1, 2014 
Registration deadline at early-bird rates: May 1, 2014 (before midnight at your location) 
Deadline for revised versions of accepted papers: June 1, 2014
Final program available: June 2, 2014
Deadline for conference registration (for participants not in the program): June 10, 2014


DRUID's history, membership, management and activities - including videos of previous debates and links to the 2000+ novel papers presented at the previous 36 conferences organized by the  DRUID society (in June) or the DRUID Academy (in January each year) - is available through the DRUID website: www.druid.dk. DRUID is sponsored by Aalborg University, Copenhagen Business School and University of Southern Denmark.

Next year and beyond

Send us a brief message if you wish to suggest themes, debates, tracks, speakers or to help organize a session or a track - or even to consider hosting a future conference. Write ENGAGE in the subject field. All ideas and suggestions are appreciated.


E-Mail: DRUID2014@druid.dk 
Website: www.druid.dk/DRUID2014