DRUID is associated with the journal Industry and Innovation, published by Routledge.


Industry and Innovation has a global editorial board of distinguished innovation scholars and publishes high-quality original scholarship on tendencies in industrial dynamics, such as the emergence of new industries; restructuring of existing industries; rise of new institutional and organizational forms; globalization; and other aspects of geographical organization. Currently in its 22nd year and with 8 annual issues, Industry and Innovation's 2014 impact factor in Thomson Reuters' Social Science Citation Index was 1.116. For more information, see the journal's web site.


DRUID has negotiated a special discounted rate for subscription to Industry & Innovation.


Participants to DRUID15 are eligble to more than 50% discount: A full 2016 (hardcopy) subscription: 72 EUR. Doctoral students are eligble to a higher discount, and can obtain a full 2015 (hardcopy) subscription for 30 EUR.


Subscriptions (payable in DKK) can be purchased online in connection to, or after, the conference registration and payment.