Programme for the DRUID ACADEMY Winter Conference, January 18-20, 2001 on 'THE EXTERNAL ORGANISATION OF THE FIRM' The conference papers are available at: Thursday the 18th Arrival after lunch at Klarskovgaard Korsør Lystskov DK-4220 Korsør S DENMARK Phone +45 5837 6666 Fax +45 5837 3541 Coffee on arrival 15.00 Welcome address by Peter Maskell 15.15 – 16.15 Key-note address: Industrial Dynamics: Why Connections Matter by Brian Loasby 16.15-18.45 Parallel paper sessions Session 1: Chair: Meric Gertler Norma Rantisi How local Institutions Fashion the design Innovation Process in New York City’s Garment District Discussants: Daniel Kirchert, Brian Loasby Carol M. Connell How the Environment of Hong Kong and the ASEAN Contributed to Jardine, Matheson & Company’s External Organization for Opportunity Exploitation and Risk Reduction Discussants: Alessandro Nuvolari, Volker Mahnke Rice, John Collaborative Production Strategies for Technological Innovation and Leadership in Network Industries: The Case of Bluetooth Discussants: Juliana Hsuan Mikkola, Bent Dalum Thomassen, Mikkel The interplay between coordination and interfirm innovation mediated by standardisation Discussants: Olivier Germain, Pierre Garrouste Session 2: Chair: Esben Slot Andersen Fields, Gary Communication, Innovation, and networks. Business Organization, Regional Development, and Production Networks of Swift Meat. Packing and Dell Computer Discussants: Henrich Dahlgren, Henrik Sornn-Friese Jeppesen, Lars Bo The end-consumer as a source of innovation Discussants: Christian Zellner, Bengt-Åke Lundvall Peluffo, Adriana Effects of trade liberalisation on innovative activities. An analysis of the Uruguayan food industries Discussants: Ionara Costa, Bengt-Åke Lundvall Pignon, Virginie The Electricity Transmission Pricings in the Nordic Countries: An Assesment of pricing Rules Discussants: Keld Laursen, Bo Carlsson Session 3: Chair: Bjørn Johnson Calbay, Yucel Innovation Networks, Corporate Coherence and Environmental Capabilities Discussants: Per Högselius, Peter Maskell Dahl, Michael Overview of the theories of Geographical Clustering and Agglomeration Discussants: Paolo Seri, Ned Lorenz Aage, Tine The co-existence of different organisational forms. Firms as interpretative systems Discussants: Johanne Nählinder, Ned Lorenz Tappi, Deborah The Neo-Marshallian Industrial District: A study on Italian Contributions to Theory and Evidence Discussants: Anker Lund Vinding, Peter Maskell 19.00 Dinner 20.30-21.30 Evening session Chair: Esben Slot Andersen Nuvolari, Alessandro Industrial Revolution: The Case of the Cornish Pumping Engine Seri, Paolo Losing areas and shared mental models: towards a definition of the cognitive obstacles to local development General discussion Friday the 19th 09.00-11.30 Parallel paper sessions Session 4: Chair: Ned Lorenz Castelacci, Fulvio A “technology-gap approach to cumulative growth”: Toward an integrated model Discussants: Michiel van Dijk, Henrik Sornn-Friese Molin, Måns J. Dynamic Capabilities How can we make them work? Discussants: Virginie Pignon, Pierre Garrouste Lien, Lasse B. Factor Market Failure and Movements in Product Space Discussants: Dana Minbaeva, Pierre Garrouste Vang-Lauridsen, Jan Boundaries of the firm and intellectual production – a critique of transaction costs economics Discussants: Nantawan Noi Kwanjai, Pierre Garrouste Session 5: Chair: Bengt-Åke Lundvall Dahlgren, Henrich Transformation of Network Structures – A Conceptual Framework Discussants: Yucel Calbay, Meric Gertler Garcez, Christiane M. d’Avila Multinational Enterprises and Local Systems of Innovation: The Case of the Automotive Industry in Brazil Discussants: Norma Rantisi, Bent Dalum Högselius, Per The impact of Swedish firms on transition in Eastern Europe: innovation and institutional change in Estonia by means of West-East inter-organisational collaboration Discussants: Tine Aage, Bent Dalum Husman, Tina Brandt Efficiency in Inter-Organisational Learning: A Taxonomy of Knowledge Transfer Costs Discussants: Lasse Lien, Meric Gertler Session 6: Chair: Volker Mahnke Mikkola, Juliana Hsuan Modularity and Interface Management: The case of Schindler Elevators Discussants: Piergiuseppe Morone, Bo Carlsson Hovhannisian, Karén (substituted by Olivier) Application of the Real-Option Technique to Investments in Learning Discussants: Toke Reichstein, Ina Drejer Albuquerque, Eduardo & Biazi, Elenice Transnational Corporations and patenting activities in Brazil: data description and statistical tests about the relative internalization of technological activities Discussants: Elena Kosmopoulou, Esben Slot Andersen Blom, Kristina & Karlsson, Charlie Exit and Entry over the product Life Cycle: Evidence from the Swedish Manufacturing Industry Discussants: Marco Giarratana, Ina Drejer 11.30-11.45 Coffee 11.45 – 12.45 Key-note address: Best Practice? Geography, Learning and the institutional limits to Strong Convergence by Meric S. Gertler Chair: Volker Mahnke 13.00 – 14.00 Lunch 14.00 – 16.00 A Walk 15.45 – 16.00 Coffee 16.00 – 18.30 Key-note addresses: Culturally Situated Knowledge and the theory of the firm by Ned Lorenz Why all this fuss about codified and tacit knowledge? by Björn Johnson & Bengt-Åke Lundvall Chair: Keld Laursen 19.00 Dinner Saturday the 20th 09.00-11.30 Parallel paper sessions Session 7: Chair: Bent Dalum Kosmopoulou, Elena What determines the internationalization of corporate technology? Discussants: Måns Molin, Bo Carlsson Reichstein, Toke Product development and Performance of Firms Discussants: Karén Hovhannisian, Bo Carlsson Giarrantana, Marco & Torrisi, Salvatore Competence accumulation and collaborative ventures: evidence from the largest European electronics firms and implications for the EU technological policies Discussants: Eduardo Albuquerque, Bengt-Åke Lundvall Dijk van, Michiel An International Comparison of Manufacturing Productivity in South Africa, 1970 –1997 Discussants: Christiane Garcez, Esben Slot Andersen Session 8: Chair: Pierre Garrouste Zellner, Christian How is Knowledge Being Transferred? – Assessing the indirect Effects of Basic Research Discussants: Mikkel Thomassen, Ned Lorenz Vinding, Anker Lund Absorptive Capacity and Innovative Performance: A human Capital Approach Discussants: Jan Vang-Lauridsen, Ina Drejer Monrone, Piergiuseppe & Taylor, Richard Knowledge Diffusion Dynamics and Network Properties of Face-to-Face Interactions Discussants: Fulvio Castelacci, Ned Lorenz Nählinder, Johanna Innovation related changes in employment structure. The case of knowledge-intensive business services Discussants: Michael S. Dahl, Henrik Sornn-Friese Session 9: Chair: Keld Laursen Costa, Ionara Ownership and Technological Capabilities in Brazil Discussants: Adriana Peluffo, Bjørn Johnson Kirchert, Daniel The impact of knowledge diffusion and learning capability on regional economic development in China Discussants: Carol M. Connell, Bjørn Johnson Minbaeva, Dana Role of HRM practices in the process of Organizational knowledge transfer in MNCs Discussants: John Rice, Brian Loasby Kwanjai, Nantawan Noi System view of the firm: toward a synthesis of the theories of the firm Discussants: Deborah Tappi, Peter Maskell 11.30-11.45 Coffee 11.45 – 12.45 Concluding panel discussion Taking stock, Looking ahead. Bo Carlsson, Brian Loasby, Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Edward Lorenz Chair: Peter Maskell 13.00 Lunch Departure Arrival at Copenhagen Airport International & Domestic Terminal before 16h30 (4.30 p.m.).