Programme (Version 2) for the DRUID Academy Winter 2003 PhD Conference Hotel Comwell Rebild Bakker Aalborg, Denmark January 16-18 Introductory note to the programme The programme will consist of 5keynote adresses presented by seniors and approximately 35 PhD presentations which have now been selected. The PhD presentation will be organised in a series of 3 parallel sessions. Each paper will be given 40 minutes: 15 minutes for the presentation, 5 min. for the junior discussant, 5 minutes for the senior discussant and 15 minutes for general discussion and answers from the PhD student. Nearly all papers are available at Thursday 16th 14.00-15.00 Arrival and coffee 15.00 Welcome address by Bent Dalum 15.15-16.15 Keynote address by Stefano Breschi, CESPRI, Bocconi University Mobility and Social Networks: Localised Knowledge Spillovers Revisited 16.15-18.45 3 Parallel PhD paper sessions Session 1 Chair: Toke Reichstein 1.1 Aage, Tine Absorptive Capacity in Industrial Districts Discussants: Elisabet Hauge, Mark Lorenzen 1.2 Giuliani, Elisa Knowledge in the Air and its Uneven Distribution: A Story of a Chilean Wine Cluster Discussants: Andrea Morrison, Mark Lorenzen 1.3 Hauge, Elisabet The Dynamics of SME Development - Two Case Studies of the Internationalisation Process Discussants: Tine Aage, Bent Dalum 1.4 Morrison, Andrea New Experiences of Industrial Districts in Southern Italian Regions: A Critical Re-view Discussants: Elisa Giuliani, Peter Maskell Session 2 Chair: Paul Nightingale 2.1 Balzat, Markus The Theoretical Basis and the Empirical Treatment of National Innovation Systems Discussants: Michelle Di Maio, Anker Lund Vinding 2.2 Högselius, Per Can East European Countries Innovate? Discussants: Markus Balzat, Bengt-Åke Lundvall 2.3 Jiménez-Sáez, Fernando The Evaluation of the Spanish Food Technology Programme: Coherence between Policy formulation and Policy Implementation Discussants: Per Högselius, Ina Drejer 2.4 Di Maio, Michele Explaining Technological Change: A Survey Discussants: Fernando Jiménez-Sáez, Esben Sloth Andersen Session 3 Chair: Mammo Muchie 3.1 Cassi, Lorenzo Information, Knowledge and Social Networks: Is a New Buzzword coming up? Discussants: Aziza Laguecir, Ed Steinmueller 3.2 Husman, Tina Brandt Long Live the "Hybrid": What Transactions Costs Economics Left Unseen. Discussants: Paul Muller, Ed Steinmueller 3.3 Laguecir, Aziza Practices of Cost Planning and Management Tools in NPD Process: A Comparative Method Discussants: Lorenzo Cassi, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen 3.4 Muller, Paul The Role of Authority in the Governance of Knowledge Communities Discussants: Tina B. Husman, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen 19.00 Dinner Friday 17th 09.00-11.30 3 Parallel PhD paper sessions Session 4 Chair: Bent Dalum 4.1 Dahl, Michael S. and Pedersen, Christian Inherited Firm Capabilities and the Evolution of Regional Clusters Discussants: Piergiuseppe Morone, Stefano Breschi 4.2 Wibe, Mona Domass The Importance of Geographical Space in the Globalising Knowledge-based Econ-omy: A Brief Literature Review Discussants: Alexander Cole, Stefano Breschi 4.3 Morone, Piergiuseppe Knowledge Diffusion and Inequality: The Case of the Greater Santiago Metropolitan Area in Chile Discussants: Mona Domass Wibe, Peter Maskell Session 5 Chair : Ina Drejer 5.1 D'Alessandro, Simone and Drago, Francesco Natural Limits to Economic development: Endogenous Growth or Panacea? Discussants: Jojo Jacob, Esben Sloth Andersen 5.2 Jacob, Jojo Structural Change, Liberalisation and Growth: The Indonesian Experience in an In-put-Output Perspective Discussants: Pietro Vertova, Ina Drejer 5.3 Vertova, Pietro On Foreign Debt Sustainability of Developing Countries: A Long-run Approach for Development Discussants: Lonrenzo Cassi, Toke Reichstein 5.4 Belloc, Marianna Public Investment and Growth in Highly Indebted Countries: An Empirical Assess-ment Discussants: Per Högselius, Mammo Muchie Session 6 Chair: Bengt-Åke Lundvall 6.1 Freier, Ines Looking at Environmental Management Systems from a Meso Level Perspective Discussants: Jan Nill, Birgitte Gregersen 6.2 Nill, Jan Windows of Sustainability Opportunities - Determinants of Techno-economic Time Windows and Conditions under which Environmental Innovation Policy Can Utilise Them Discussants: Ines Freier, Birgitte Gregersen 6.3 Teixeira, Aurora Amélia Castro Fission Risk or Inertia? Towards and Evolutionary-ecological Model of Human Capi-tal Decisions Discussants: Imad Rherrad, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen 6.4 Rherrad, Imad Innovation and Social Sciences: Empirical Study Discussants: Aurora Teixeira, Anker Lund Vinding 11.30-11.45 Coffee 11.45-12.45 Keynote address by Bengt-Åke Lundvall, DRUID, Aalborg University, The University in the Learning Economy. 13.00-14.00 Lunch 14.00-16.00 Relaxation - a walk in the forest 16.00-16.15 Coffee 16.15-17.15 Keynote address by Paul Nightingale, SPRU, University of Sussex, Industrialisation of R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry 17.30-18.30 Keynote address by Mammo Muchie, Middlesex University, The Value of Systems of innovation as an Independent variable for mobilising Economic Development and Performance in Developing countries 19.00 Dinner Saturday 18th 09.00 - 11.30 3 Parallel PhD paper sessions Session 7 Chair : Bent Dalum 7.1 Frederiksen, Lars Experimental Music: Innovation, Projects and Dynamic Capabilities in the Pop Mu-sic Industry Discussants: Christophe Cariou, Stefano Breschi 7.2 Cariou, Christophe The Ba Cluster: Interorganizational and Coevolutive Platform for Knowledge Crea-tion Discussants: Lars Frederiksen, Mark Lorenzen 7.3 Kebir, Leïla Objects and Territorial Production Systems: Opening the Resource Black Box Discussants: Christian Pedersen, Ina Drejer 7.4 Sedita, Silvia Rita Is the Concept of "Commutity of Practice" Helpful to Understand the Dynamics of Industrial Districts Knowledge Creation and Sharing? Discussants: Simone D'Alessandro, Bent Dalum Session 8 Chair: Jesper Lindgaard Christensen 8.1 Lacasa, Iciar Domingues Understanding Technology Adoption in the German Pharmaceutical Industry Discussants: Sébastien Plociniczak, Paul Nightingale 8.2 Plociniczak, Sébastien Relational Networks, Social Capital and Start-up Firms Performances in the French Biotechnology Industry Discussants: Iciar Lacasa, Paul Nightingale 8.3 Keetharuth, Anju Impact of Privatisation of the Telecommunications Industry. A Case Study of Mauri-tius Discussants: Marianna Belloc, Mammo Muchie 8.4 Plociniczak, Sébastien From Bilateral Enforcement to Structural Enforcement in Economic Transactions: The Network Effect Discussants: Francesco Drago, Anker Lund Vinding Session 9 Chair: Toke Reichstein 9.1 Hovhannisian, Karén Satisficing, Deliberate Experimentation and Designing Without Final Goals: Model-ing Innovation-related Business Strategy Choice through Simulation Analysis Discussants: Lorenzo Zirulia, Toke Reichstein 9.2 Hopkins, Michael What happens when the Emergence of New Medical Technologies is not Dependent on Industry? Discussants: Sheen S. Levine, Peter Maskell 9.3 Levine, Sheen S. Knowledge, Networks and Cooperation in a Professional Service Firm Discussants: Michael Hopkins, Ed Steinmueller 9.4 Zirulia, Lorenzo R&D Networks in an Artificial Industry Discussants: Karén Hovhannisian, Esben Sloth Andersen 11.30-11.45 Coffee 11.45-12.45 Keynote address by Ed Steinmueller, SPRU, University of Sussex, The Role of Technical Standards in Co-ordinating the Division of Labour in Complex Sys-tem Industries 12.45-13.00 End of Conference 13.00-14.00 Lunch 15.00 Transportation to Skørping Railway station and Aalborg Airport Maintained by Jeanette Hvarregaard, email: Last modified: January 9, 2002