DRUID Professional Development Workshops (PDWs)

Monday June 12, 9:00-12:00

No sign-up necessary, open for all DRUID17 delegates (space allowing).




PDW1: The movement of people across borders: Implications for innovation and internationalization

Organizers: Larissa Rabbiosi and Aleksandra Gregoric

Speakers: Paul Almeida, Stefano Breschi, Prithwiraj Choudhury, Elena Kulchina, Ram Mudambi and Pallavi Shukla


PDW2: Perspectives on Mobility and Entrepreneurship

Organizers: Francesco Di Lorenzo, Justin Frake and Evan Starr

Speakers: Rajshree Agarwal, Deepak Somaya, Henry Sauermann, Martin Ganco and Karin Hoisl


PDW3: The Direction of Innovation and Science: Advances in Theory & Methods

Organizers: Florenta Teodoridis, Valentina Tartari and Jeff Furman

Speakers: Kevin Bryan, Kevin Boudreau, Kirk Doran, Josh Krieger, Keld Laursen and Keyvan Vakili


PDW4: The Benefits and Challenges of Digitalization in Research and Practice 

Organizers: Annika Lorenz and Giulia Solinas

Speakers: Sebastian Brenk, Lars Frederiksen, Anne ter Wal, Jörg Claussen and Rudi Bekkers 


PDW5: Strategic Leadership in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Organizers: Nino Van De Wal and Ali Samei

Speakers: Nino Van De Wal and Massimo Maoret (moderators), Melissa Schilling, Raghu Garud, Timothy Quigley, Joseph Porac and John Almandoz





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