The parallel program for DRUID17 can be downloaded here

The program is also available on the conference app DRUID17, downloadable free of charge on App Store and Google Play.


The conference app is up-to-date with all changes and cancellations. Compared to the pdf and print version of the program, current changes and cancellations are:


Session 4
The paper has been removed: STEFANO TASSELLI, PAOLA ZAPPA, ALESSANDRO LOMI: "Bridging with meaning: an empirical study of organizational vocabularies and communication networks in organizations"

New paper added: BERNARD DACHS, ANGELA JÄGER, STEFFEN KINKEL: “Bringing it all back home? Backshoring of manufacturing activities and the diffusion of Industry 4.0”

Session 5
The paper has been removed: STEFANIE PAKURA, HELENA MARIE-LUISE BÜHLER: "Green-tech start-ups and open innovation: a qualitative analysis"

Session 8
New discussant in stead of Olav Sorenson: Martin Kilduff

Session 14
The paper has been removed: ELISA OPERTI: "Tough on criminal wealth? exploring the link between organized crime asset confiscation and regional entrepreneurship”
Session 15
New chair in stead of Anders Krabbe: Maddalena Agnoli
Session 16
The paper has been removed: ELISA OPERTI, AMIT KUMAR: ”Why firms make errors in selecting technological opportunities?”
Session 20
New room: KMC 1-100, Commons
Session 23
New room: Tisch 200
Session 24
New room: Tisch UC-21
Session 25
New room: Tisch UC-24
Session 29
New discussant in stead of Ralf Wilden: Jeffrey Furman
Session 36
The paper by Anders Krabbe is cancelled.
New discussant in stead of Joel West: Chiara Franzoni
Session 37
New discussant in stead of Mario Vitale: Federica Brunetta
Session 38
Discussant in stead of Stefano Tasselli: Aleksandra Gregoric
New discussant in stead of Dinar Kale: Florian Taeube
Session 40
The paper by Laura Ramaciotti, Ugo Rizzo, Francesco Rentocchini is cancelled.
Session 73
New discussant in stead of Elisa Operti: Jesper Lindgaard Christensen
Session 75
New discussant in stead of Jan Hohberger: Heidi Kruger
New discussant in stead of Anu Wadhwa: Kristian Nielsen
Session 77
New discussant in stead of Eunkyung Park: Robert Seamans
Session 78
New chair: Annemarie Østergaard
Session 80
New paper added: ANU WADHWA, ISABEL MARIA BODAS FREITAS, MB SARKAR: "International diffusion of organizational practices: integrating the rational choice and institutional models"
Session 81
New paper added: EUNKUNG PARK, RAPHAEL MATEUS MARTINS: "Entrepreneurial ecosystem for technology start-ups in Nairobi: empirical analysis of Twitter networks of start-ups and support organizations"
Session 86 (new session)

Wednesday 3-4.30pm. Room: Tisch UC-5. Chair: Daniel Sands

IAN MCCARTHY, MARGARET DALZIEL, JON THOMAS: ”The drivers of value migration in the us pharmaceutical industry (1976- 2010)”

ROSSELLA SALANDRA: “Knowledge dissemination in clinical trials: exploring influences of institutional support and type of innovation on selective reporting”

Discussant: JOEL WEST