DRUID Decadence

Wednesday October 20, 20:00-??

Wednesday evening and night, DRUID hosts the DRUID DECADENCE after party. A true DRUID tradition, DRUID DECADENCE has made DRUIDs dining and dancing the night away in Copenhagen, London, Barcelona, Rome, and New York. This year, the concept is cocktails, relaxed dining and some serious shaking off of the last conference dust! In order to be able to make at least as much noise as last time, we return to a old favorite, the Hall of the Knights Templar, a 17th century building hidden in the historical center of town behind Parliament and the National Museum. Originally housing Copenhagen's main station for horse-drawn fire engines before it was used by the Knights Templar, the hall will once more feel the fire as DRUIDs take it over once again. After we have tanked up on food and drinks, DRUID's good friends, the band The Party, known for their uncompromising approach to the dancefloor, will challenge us to party like its 2021 and post-Covid!

The after party is not included in the conference fee. Registration and pre-payment required. Logon to your DRUID conference profile. You can add and pay for DRUID DECADENCE under "My Registrations" for DRUID21.