DRUID goes green(er)

Carbon friendly travel 

DRUID urges all DRUID21 delegates to consider travelling to Copenhagen by train or other carbon friendly means. If that is not possible, upon registering for DRUID21, delegates will be offered a cheap and convenient way of offsetting the individual carbon footprint for air travel to Copenhagen through Atmosfair.de. The offsets can be purchased directly upon registering for the conference (DRUID transfers the entire amount to carbon offsets and charges no overheads). Offsets correspond to economy class air return tickets and are calculated as averages for three regions: Europe to/from Copenhagen (5 EUR), the Americas to/from Copenhagen (10 EUR), and the Rest of the World (Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand) to/from Copenhagen (25 EUR).  

Carbon offsets are by no means a sufficient way of compensating for the negative environmental footprint of air travel, but it is the bare minmum we can do at this time. Providers of carbon offsets are many and their merits are often debated. DRUID has made sure to offer certified carbon offsets (CDM and Gold Standard through Atmosfair.de).

Carbon friendly DRUID

Aiming to lower the carbon footprint of its biannual conferences, DRUID sources environmentally friendly food and conference materials. For DRUID21, all drinking water is environmentally friendly, involving no disposable plastic bottles, and meals are predominantly vegetarian.

Furthermore, DRUID offsets 1 ton CO2 for each DRUID21 delegate, covering an estimated 120% of the conference’s carbon footprint of catering, venue, lodging and local transport.