Two grand options for social interaction have been organized:
A. "DRUID Potion Launch Event" will take place on Tuesday 19, at 7:45 pm. The outdoor grill will serve lamb, chicken and vegetables in plenty quantities.  An expert panel will judge the quality of the Potion taking advice from the participants. Will be fun.
B. Excursions etc. are scheduled for Wednesday 20, from 5 pm to 7 pm, before the conference dinner. Participation limited. Choose between four options:
Excursion 1 provides a unique insight into aspects of modern cities often overlooked. Next to trendy downtown cafes and young hipsters foreign trafficked women and drug addicts work as prostitutes. Street prostitution has previously been dominated by Danish women (and a few men) until ten years ago. Now it is foreign women mainly from Romania and Nigeria, who are visible in the streets. During the one hour guided day-light tour through the Red Light District two consultants working at the Danish Centre against Human Trafficking under The National Board of Social Services will talk of the increasing globalization of prostitution, its history, extent, geography and public regulation. Participation limited to 30.
Excursion 2 offers a guided boat trip that takes in the transformation of the water front from old harbour and industrial usages to modern housing and office buildings by internationally renowned architects. Questions will be answered by guides connected to the Danish Architecture Centre or the School of Architecture.
Bowling. We have reserved 16 new tracks and a luxurious lounge. No prize, just fun. Also beginner's tracks. Shoos provided.
Petanque (Boules/Bocce/Bowls) try out your skills in this ancient and entertaining outdoor game. The best way to socialize.