Version 1.4 – January 18th Programme for the DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2006 PhD Conference January 26-28, 2006 At Hotel Comwell Rebild Bakker, Skørping, Aalborg Introductory note to the programme The programme will consist of 4 keynote addresses presented by seniors and approximately 55 PhD presentations, which have been selected. The PhD presentation will be organised in a series of 5 parallel sessions. Each paper will be given 35 minutes: 15 minutes for the presentation, 5 min. for the junior discussant, 5 minutes for the senior discussant and 10 minutes for general discussion and answers from the PhD student. A projector for power point presentation will be available in each parallel session. Thursday 26th 14.00 – 15.00 Arrival and coffee 15.00 Welcome address by Bent Dalum 15.15 – 16.15 Keynote address by Alfonso Gambardella, "The Market for Patents in Europe" 16.30 – 19.00 Five parallel PhD paper sessions (A-E) Session A-Thursday Chair: Peter Maskell A.1: Marco Guerzoni The Impact of Market Size and Users’ Sophistication on Innovation: The Patters of Demand Discussants: Jens Kohler, Lars Bo Jeppesen A.2: Jens Kohler Transferring New Methods from Internal Service Units to the Users: A Three Step Approach Discussants: Nathalie Van Hée, Lars Bo Jeppesen A.3: Alexander Frenzel Baudisch A Socially-conditioned Desire for Product Variety and its Implications for Industrial Organization. The emergence of the global value chain for the U.S. footwear market Discussants: Marco Guerzoni, Esben Sloth Andersen A.4: Francesco Rullani The Debate and the Community. The “Reflexive Identity” Concept and the FLOSS Community Case Discussants: Jean-Michel Oudot, Esben Sloth Andersen Session B-Thursday: Chair: Bent Dalum B.1: Franciszek Siedlok The Evolution of Capabilities and Emergence of New Sectors in the Context of Industrial Extinction: The Case of Subsea Technologies in the North East of England Discussants: Raina König, Mark Lorenzen B.2: Joris Knoben The Effects of Firm Relocation on Firm Performance: A Literature Review Discussants: Atle Hauge, Mark Lorenzen B.3: Niels Bosma Firm Dynamics and Regional Economic Development; An Application to the Netherlands Discussants: Dagmara Störring, Michael S. Dahl B.4: Camilla Lenzi Workers’ Innovative Productivity and Job Mobility: Evidence from a Survey of Italian Inventors Discussants: Rogier Van der Groep, Michael S. Dahl Session C-Thursday: Chair: Keld Laursen C.1: Greg Spencer Cognitive Diverity and Creative Advantage in City Regions Discussants: Margeret Sigurdardottir, Maryann Feldman C.2: Max-Peter Menzel The Qualitative Difference of Knowledge Transfer in Geographical and Non-geographical Contexts Discussants: Susanne Jensen, Maryann Feldman C.3: Anne L. J. ter Wal Knowledge Networks and the Impact on Innovative Performance in an Industrial District in the South of Italy: The Case of the Footwear District of Barletta Discussants: Max-Peter Menzel, Christian Ø. R. Pedersen C.4: Kwok L. Shum Innovation Cycle for ICT Enabled General Technology and its Implications to Co-evolution of Technology and Institutions Discussants: Max Rolfstam, Christian Ø. R. Pedersen Session D-Thursday: Chair: Henrik Sornn-Friese D.1: Line Gry Knudsen Determinants of Openness in R&D Collaboration – The Roles of Absorptive Capacity and Appropriation Discussants: Grid Thoma, Alfonso Gambardella D.2: Hui Yan The Discussion of 3G Mobile Systems in China – Technology, Standards and National Interests Discussants: Carlos Sato, Alfonso Gambardella D.3: Abraham Garcia National System if Innovation: The Role of the Demand. A Comparison across European Countries Discussants: Fernando Santiago Rodriguez, Morten Berg Jensen Session E-Thursday: Chair: René Nesgaard Nielsen E.1: Maria Theresa Larsen When Markets Fail: The Role of Public Science in the Development of Generic Technology Discussants: Tanja Sinozic, Bengt-Åke Lundvall E.2: Tanja Sinozic Diagnostic Imaging Technologies, Knowledge Flows and Human Capabilities in Hospital Systems: A Pilot Study Discussants: Watu Wamae, Bengt-Åke Lundvall E.3: Pun-Arj Chairatana Conceptualising Innovation System: Can Developing Economies learn from Developed Economies? Discussants: Semih Akcomak, Lee Davis E.4: Mohammad Packniat Functional or node-link analysis: Analyzing telecommunication sector in I. R. Iran Discussants: Kari Kristinsson, Lee Davis 19.30 Dinner Friday 27th 9.30 – 12.00 Four parallel PhD paper sessions (A-E) Session A-Friday: Chair: Bengt-Åke Lundvall A.1: Izabela Kijenska Barriers in Innovation and Technology Transfer in Poland – A Case of Economy in Transition Discussants: Andréanne Léger, Birgitte Gregersen A.2: Semih Akcomak How do Social Capital and Government Support Affect Innovation ad Growth? Evidence from the EU Regional Support Programmes Discussants: Michele Mastroeni, Birgitte Gregersen A.3: Andréanne Léger Innovation Theories: Relevance and Implications for Developing Countries Discussants: Pun-Arj Chairatana, Birgitte Gregersen A.4: Michele Mastroeni Shaping Innovation through Finance: The Realities of Path Dependence and Public Sector Involvement Discussants: Izabela Kijenska, Morten Berg Jensen Session B-Friday: Chair: Jesper Lindgaard Christensen B.1: Kari Kristinsson Emergence and Evolution of Sectoral Systems of Innovation Discussants: Constance Von Horne, Henrik Sornn-Friese B.2: Nathalie Van Hée The Impact of Modularity on Knowledge Production in Innovation Networks Discussants: Maria Theresa Larsen, Henrik Sornn-Friese B.3: René Nesgaard Nielsen Employment of Radically New Skills in Innovative and Transformative SMEs Discussants: Ioanna Kastelli, Brian Loasby B.4: Margeret Sigurdardottir Co-existence of Institutional Logics – Empirical Study of Music Industry (work in progress) Discussants: Greg Spencer, Brian Loasby Session C-Friday: Chair: Lee Davis C.1: Susanne Jensen What is the Role of Networks and Social Capital for Regional Industrial Development? Discussants: Francesco Laforgia, Ed Steinmueller C.2: Xosé-Luís Varela-Irimia Entry Decisions in Differentiated Product Markets: The Spanish Car Industry Discussants: Mohammad Packniat, Ed Steinmueller C.3: Rekha Rao Commercialisation Strategies of US Medical Devices Firms: Some Preliminary Analysis Discussants: Alexander Frenzel Baudisch, Ed Steinmueller C.4: Linda Gustavsson Systems of Creation: Exploring the Dynamics of Distributed Innovation Discussants: Victor Paulino, Lee Davis Session D-Friday: Chair: Michael S. Dahl D.1: Atle Hauge Gatekeepers and Knowledge Diffusion in the Fashion Industry Discussants: Niels Bosma, Peter Maskell D.2: Shaowei He Clusters, Structural Embeddedness, and Knowledge Discussants: Joris Knoben, Peter Maskell D.3: Dagmara Störring Mechanisms behind Cluster Emergence – Is there a Role for Policy? – The Case of the Biomedico Initiative in Aalborg, North Denmark Discussants: Shaowei He, Maryann Feldman 12.00 – 13.15 Lunch 13.30 – 14.45 Keynote address by Maryann Feldman, “Organizational Legacy and the Internal Dynamics of Clusters” 14.45 – 17.00 Break and relaxation – A walk in the forest is highly recommended 17.00 – 17.15 Coffee 17.15 – 18.30 Keynote address by Nicolai Juul Foss, “Organizational Capabilities: A Construct in Search of Micro-Foundations” 19.00 Dinner Saturday 28th Before 11.00 check out - Luggage can be stored in several rooms 9.45 – 11.45 Five parallel PhD paper sessions (A-E) Session A-Saturday: Chair: Morten Berg Jensen A.1: Jean-Michel Oudot Risk Allocation: Theoretical and Empirical Evidences. Application to the Defense Procurement Sector Discussants: Anne L. J. ter Wal, Nicolai Juul Foss A.2: Fernando Santiago Rodriguez Complementary Human Resource Management and Development Practices and Innovation in Mexico: Preliminary Methodological Approach Discussants: Abraham Garcia, Nicolai Juul Foss A.3: Constance Van Horne A Value Based Innovation Model Discussants: Xosé-Luís Varela-Irimia, Nicolai Juul Foss Session B-Saturday: Chair: Pun-Arj Chairatana B.1: Francesco Laforgia What do you mean by Mobile? Multi-applicant Inventors in the European Biotech Industry and their Impact of Knowledge Diffusion Discussants: Devrim Goktepe, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen B.2: Grid Thoma Combinatorial Inventors and Performance in Nana Science and Technology Discussants: Rekha Rao, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen B.3: Devrim Goktepe University Industry Technology Transfer: Identification of Academic Inventors and Patents Discussants: René Nesgaard Nielsen, Jesper Lindgaard Christensen Session C-Saturday: Chair: Susanne Jensen C.1: Abdul Azeez Erumban Innovation, Obsolescence and Retirement: An Exploration Based on Data for Dutch Manufacturing Firms Discussants: Daniela Grieco, Keld Laursen C.2: Watu Wamae Understanding the Pervasive Process of Marginalisation using a Dynamic Non-linear Model Discussants: Camilla Lenzi, Keld Laursen C.3: Daniela Grieco Excess Entry, Ambiguity Seeking, and Competence: An Experimental Investigation Discussants: Abdul Azeez Erumban, Keld Laursen Session D-Saturday: Chair: Christian Ø. R. Pedersen D.1: Raina König Market Take-off in Systemic Industries – The Early Industry Life Cycle Stage in the Mobile Payment Industry Discussants: Kwok L. Shum, Bent Dalum D.2: Max Rolfstam Public Procurement and Institutions as External limiting Factors of Design for Innovation: The Case of Innovative Procurement of Maritime Radio Technology Discussants: Franciszek Siedlok, Bent Dalum D.3: Carlos Sato The Dynamics if Innovation and Capabilities in the Transition to Telecommunications Next Generation Networks Discussants: Hui Yan, Bent Dalum Session E-Saturday: Chair: Mark Lorenzen E.1: Victor Paulino Influence of Uncertainty of Firm Relationships and on Innovations within the Space Sector Discussants: Francesco Rullani, Ina Drejer E.2: Rogier Van der Groep Global Change and Local Challenges Toward Flexibility in the Audiovisual Industry in the Netherlands Discussants: Linda Gustavsson, Ina Drejer E.3: Ioanna Kastelli Organizational Knowledge Creation in the Context of R&D Cooperation. The Role of Absorptive Capacity Discussants: Line Gry Knudsen, Ina Drejer 11.45 – 12.00 Coffee 12.00 – 13.00 Keynote address by Brian Loasby, “The Social Science of Economics” 13.00 – 13.15 End of Conference 13.15 – 14.00 Lunch