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DRUID Academy 2019,

Previous DRUID events


DRUID Academy 18, DRUID Academy Conference and PhD course 2018

DRUID17, New York (Downtown Manhattan), June 12-14, 2017

DRUID Academy 2017, Odense, January 18-20

DRUID16, Copenhagen, June 13-15

DRUID-Asia DayPass,

DRUID-Asia 2016, Singapore, February 23-25

DRUID Academy 2016, Bordeaux, January 13-15

DRUID15, Rome, June 15-17

DRUID Academy 2015, January 21-23

DRUID 2014, June 16-18

DRUID Academy 2014, January 15-17

DRUID 2013 , Barcelona, June 17-19

DRUID Academy 2013, January 16-18

DRUID 2012, June 19-21

DRUID Academy 2012, Cambridge, UK, January 19-21

DRUID11, June 15-17

The DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2011 PhD Conference in Economics and Management of Innovation, Technology and Organizations,

The DRUID Summer Conference 2010 on Opening Up Innovation: Strategy, Organization and Technology,

The DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2010 PhD Conference on Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurship,

The DRUID Summer Conference 2009 on Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge ,

The DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2009 PhD Conference on Economics and Management of Innovation, Technology and Organizational Change ,

The 25th DRUID Celebration Conference 2008 on Entrepreneurship and Innovation ,

The DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2008 PhD Conference on Economics and Management of Innovation and Organizational Change,

DRUID Summer Conference 2007 on Appropriability, Proximity, Routines and Innovation,

The DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2007 PhD Conference on Geography, Innovation and Industrial Dynamics,

DRUID Summer Conference 2006 on Knowledge, Innovation and Competitiveness: Dynamics of Firms, Networks, Regions and Institutions,

The DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2006 PhD Conference - The Evolution of Capabilities and Industrial Dynamics,

The DRUID Tenth Anniversary Summer Conference 2005 on Dynamics of Industry and Innovation: Organizations, Networks and Systems,

The DRUID Winter Conference 2005 on Industrial Evolution and Dynamics,

The DRUID Winter Conference 2004 on Innovation, Growth and Industrial Dynamics,

The DRUID Summer Conference 2003 on Creating, Sharing and Transferring Knowledge: The Role of Geography,

The DRUID Winter Conference 2003,

The DRUID Summer Conference 2002 on Industrial Dynamics of the New and Old Economy - who is embracing whom?,

The DRUID Winter Conference 2002 on Industry Evolution and Analysis ,

The DRUID Nelson and Winter Conference 2001,

The DRUID Winter Conference 2001: External Organisation of the Firm,

The DRUID Summer Conference 2000 on The Learning Economy: Firms, Regions And Nation Specific Institutions,

The DRUID Winter Conference 2000,

The DRUID Summer Conference 1999 on National Innovation Systems, Industrial Dynamics and Innovation Policy,

The DRUID Winter Conference 1999,

The DRUID Summer Conference 1998: Competence, Governance, and Entrepreneurship,

The DRUID Winter Conference 1998,

The DRUID Summer Conference 1997,

The DRUID Winter Conference 1997,

The DRUID Start-up Workshop 1995,